Flirty Bertie bird comic art by Cat Byrne

514 – Flirty Bertie

My brain is a little bit looser now. Here’s a little guy that popped into my head and had to come out. His name is Flirty Bertie. And he will charm you. Most likely with a chat up line about stars falling from heaven. He […]

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Soup Guy will cream you like a bisque - art by Cat Byrne

513 – Soup Guy

I’ve been having my head so deep in politics lately, I’ve had to step back and remember to draw! But not having drawn for fun in a while I didn’t know what else to draw other than Mizzle or Ninja Turtles. So I just let […]

TMNT Michelangelo and Klunk sketch by Cat Byrne

511 – Mikey & Klunk

Another one from the sketchbook! This one’s of Michelangelo & his cat Klunk, hanging out in a grimy alley. Ink, watercolour, metallic sharpie & gel pens. Drew it yesterday while hanging out with my comics crew, the Calder Valley Scribblers, at our monthly meet over […]

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TMNT Muckman original art by Cat Byrne

509 Muckman

This piece is for sale! This month over on the TMNT Lives 4 Ever facebook group, the art contest theme is Muckman. A garbage man turned human/garbage mutant, he’s naturally a bit gross looking. And smelly. I got out the acrylic paints for this one, […]

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TMNT LARP by Cat Byrne


My latest print!!! Meet the LARP (live action role-playing) turtles. Going to make this one limited edition (50 only). You can get one here. Heavily inspired by the episode Mazes & Mutants, but drawn in my own style and coloured in Photoshop. Here are their […]

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Owl superhero woman ink and marker commission by Cat Byrne

507 – Owl superhero commission

Sometimes, people ask for commissions of friends of theirs, rather than of comic characters and superheroes. I always find these challenging because of the level of expectation that the result need to look like them! Here’s one where I took a bit of liberty and […]

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1000 drawings by Cat Byrne

At a glance: Drawings 401-500

It’s that time again! Here’s the most recent set of 100 drawings (numbers 401-500): Featuring: More ninja turtles My 2016 Inktober drawings Illustrations from The Window, written by Tom Burleigh Commissions Sketches Out of Hours Comics And best of all, the first pages of my […]

Elite Guard Mini Shredder chibi watercolor and ink by Cat Byrne

506 – Mini Shredder

Here’s my entry for a new art contest over on TMNT Comics  & Art over on Facebook. It’s an informal contest – just for fun – and the theme this month is “Villains”. I do like drawing chibi (baby-like) characters, and I’ve been wanting to […]

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Mizzlebot 6000 - Mizzle robot ink commission by Cat Byrne

505 – Mizzlebot 6000

To raise money to print the promo of my graphic novel (and subsequently send it to publishers), I’ve been offering half price commissions, until April 23rd 2017. Here’s one I really enjoyed – the brief was “Something to do with Mizzle and robots”. I have […]

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Mizzle as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas by Cat Byrne

504 – Mizzle / Sally Mashup

To raise money to print the promo of my graphic novel (and subsequently send it to publishers), I’ve been offering half price commissions, until April 23rd 2017. For this one, the request was “something to do with Mizzle and Nightmare Before Christmas”. I thought Mizzle […]

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