Lobo by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2016

434 – Lobo (Inktober day 19)

I fancied drawing Lobo today, so I got out my set of the original Lobo comics (with art by Simon Bisley), and got inspired. I love these books so much. I was in high school in New York when they came out, and I had […]

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Simon Shaw of Legacy Comics in Halifax by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2016

424 – Simon (Inktober day 9)

Meet Simon Shaw. He runs Legacy Comics in Halifax. He’s figured out my weakness because he always keeps some TMNT comics aside for me. So… an Inktober piece to say thank you! First, the pencils: And inked: YOU SEE!!!??? He’s doing it there, trying to […]

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