Scrotes logo tattoo art by Cat Byrne

711 Scrotes logo

I’ve been busy this past week getting my Scrotes all nice and clean! * I’ve sent to print the designs as greeting cards, and I’ll be uploading them to Teepublic and Redbubble in the next couple of days so that they’re available as print-on-demand for […]

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WHY - Commando Scrotes tattoo art

705-710 New Scrotes!

New Scrotes* are here! In this lot I’ve been inspired by Father Ted, Harry Potter, Philomena Cunk, and TMNT. I’ve also created a new category called “Commando Scrotes”, for those Scrotes without a home. This week I’ll be ordering greeting cards of these and my […]

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Hebden Bridge film festival illustration by Cat Byrne

703 – Hebden Bridge Film Festival logo

My latest design work is an illustrated logo for the Hebden Bridge Film Festival. The brief was to incorporate the initials and name with artwork loosely representing Hebden Bridge; terraces perched on hills, old mill chimneys, the canal and of course the Hebden Bridge Picture […]


At a glance: drawing 601-700

It’s that time again! Here’s the most recent set of 100 drawings (numbers 601-700): Featuring: My comic Mizzle: Flight of the Bumblecat!! Commissions The Life of Ethel Death My first commissioned mural! The introduction of “Scrotes”! Although I loved drawing comics as a kid, and […]

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Judge Dredd commission by Cat Byrne in the style of Carlos Ezquerra

702 -Judge Dredd commission

Here’s a commission I’ve drawn of Judge Dredd (and Judge Death); an homage to Carlos Ezquerra – the co-creator of Judge Dredd – who recently passed away. This is based on one of his drawings. (This counts as my Inktober number 14) Custom art makes […]

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701 – Martian Mizzle

Mizzle as a martian (an homage to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians), as part of a poster for our upcoming Christmas Invasion Xmas fair that we’re hosting. I’d originally planned it to be printed in risograph, but it wasn’t to be. We just don’t have […]

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Boba Fett showdown! inks by Cat Byrne

699-700 The Boba Fett showdown!

My friend Joel commissioned me again to draw him another Boba Fett, this time wearing an outfit cobbled together with bits of trash and kitchen utensils: But using the original for reference, I realised… I never posted that one on this blog. How many of […]

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Kerry and English Bull Terrier commission by Cat Byrne

698 Kerry

Here’s a drawing of a lovely lady I know called Kerry, commissioned by her friend Helen (who is also lovely). Kerry loves English Bull Terriers. I drew this back in March, but I wanted to wait until Helen gifted the artwork to Kerry to post […]

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