735 – TMNT commission

I love drawing a turtle!!!! Here’s a really fun commission I’ve finished this week; the four Ninja Turtles and Splinter, each doing their thing in the lair. It was done in ink and watercolour, on 11×17″ board. If you’re curious to see a bit of […]

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The Lament of Gravlax comic by Cat Byrne for Sector 13, 2000ad fanzine in Belfast

731-734 The Lament of Gravlax

Here’s a four-page sci-fi comic I promised my friend Peter Duncan for the 5th issue of his Belfast-based 2000ad fanzine Sector 13. Counting each page as one piece towards my 1000 drawing target, here’s a snippet of each one, hopefuly without giving too much away. […]

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Curiosity patterns of people series by Cat Byrne Hebden Bridge

723-727 Patterns of People (art series)

Through March I’ll have some pieces in the “People Person Show” group art exhibit, in Hebden Bridge. The theme of the exhibit is to celebrate those with the gift of bringing people together, in memory of Simon Shaw, the owner of Legacy Comics in Halifax […]

Stormtrooper see no evil hear no evil speak no evil commission comic art by cat byrne

722 – Stormtroopers

Here is a commission I did for someone over in the States, of a First Order stormtrooper, a Clone Trooper and a classic Stormtrooper; in a ” See no evil / Hear no evil / Speak no evil” style. The piece is A3, and done […]

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Mizzle and Muggy comic art by Cat Byrne

718-720 Mizzle and Muggy

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while… Currently, the commissions page on my website doesn’t have any visual examples accompanying the different rates for different techniques. And even if it did, all the examples would be completely different pieces; which would make it […]

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Toto the chihuahua commission art by Cat Byrne

714 Toto the Chihuahua!

How cute is Toto!?! Often at events I offer small sketches, drawn on the spot. Here was one I so very much enjoyed drawing, of a friend’s dog Toto (who has his own Instagram!)   This was drawn in ink and markers, on A5 bristol […]

Dragon and Bunny engagement comic art by Cat Byrne

713 Dragon and Bunny

Here is a drawing I made for my friends Ani and Jos, who are getting married. It’s to feature on their “Save the Date” cards that they are sending out. Are you planning a wedding? Want comic art on your invitation? My commission rates are […]

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