Ethel Death by Cat Byrne and flowers by the Yorkshire Flower Patch

635 – Ethel Death

Thinking about an Ethel Death tattoo, so here’s a drawing I did to get the ideas flowing: The Life of Ethel Death is my comic, following an eccentric grim reaper in training, who is more into fluffy kittens than guiding souls to the afterlife. She […]

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Baby Thanos - chibi art print by Cat Byrne

633 – Baby Thanos

…Or as I’d like to call this piece, “you live… you die”. Print available from my shop! Also the original inks! (I ship to anywhere in the world) Here he is as rough pencils: … then inks (which are currently available to buy on my […]


610-632: Mizzle saga!

Wow, what a crazy month it’s been. Last I posted on here, I had been working flat out for weeks trying to get chapter two of Mizzle’s “Flight of the Bumblecat” sent to the printer on time to be ready in time for Scribblecon (our […]

Mizzle: Flight of the Bumblecat Part 2 comic by Cat Byrne

609 – Your Illustriousness

Wanna see some art from the new Mizzle book? I’ll try keep it spoiler-free! As you may recall from part 1, Mizzle has had a particularly bad day at work. And we open part 2 with this. Order it now (and help me afford to […]

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Slater woodlouse and guiness for sector 13 by cat byrne

607 – Sector 13 editorial meeting

Here’s a little something I drew for Sector 13, a Belfast-based 2000AD fanzine… a few weeks ago now, but it’s only just been printed (in the reprint of issue 1 of the fanzine), so I can safely post it now. It features – as briefed […]

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Poison Ivy caricature sketch by Cat Byrne

606 – Poison Ivy caricature

Another opportunity to draw people as their favourite characters! Here is a drawing whihch was commissioned during Free Comic Book Day at Legacy Comics in Halifax, of lovely Caroline as Poison Ivy. This is another character which I’d not drawn yet, and it was great […]

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The Flash caricature sketch by Cat Byrne

605 – The Flash (caricature)

I love drawing people as their favourite characters! I’ve started to offer sketches at shows some time ago – originally just when I felt confident, but lately it’s been at every event – and one of the things I get asked the most are drawing […]

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