Judge Dredd by Cat Byrne

580 – Judge Dredd

My friend Peter who organises the 2000AD Sector 13 Fanzine in Belfast had asked me if I ever felt like submitting any artwork to it, so I finally got around to drawing the grumpy old judge. In my style, of course. T-shirt & Mugs available […]

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Dut and Harrr by Darth Awesome and Cat Byrne based on Early Man movie

579 – Dut and Harrr

So my kid and I decided to enter a competition calling for any art creations inspired by the new Aardman Studios film “Early Man”; winner gets £50 to spend at Vue cinemas. Here is our joint entry, Dut and Harrr: It was really lovely drawing […]

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The Shredder chibi inks by Cat Byrne TMNT

578 – The Shredder

Here’s a chibi Shredder I drew in ink recently. Like him? He’s for sale on my shop. I drew him for my entry in the TMNT Live 4 Ever monthly art contest over on Facebook (the theme for February was Valentine’s Villains). After all the […]

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Ninji Turtles by Cat Byrne

577 – Ninji Turtles!

You’ve heard of Ninja Turtles. You may have heard of Ninji (the little star shaped character that jumps up and down in Super Marios Bros 2). Now I present to you… Ninji Turtles!!! Surprised it hadn’t been done before a million times, really. This design […]

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Mizzle Less Talk More Read inks for Border Bookshop Todmorden by Cat Byrne

572 – Mizzle: Less Talk More Read

Towards the end of the year I illustrated a poster for Border Bookshop here in Todmorden. It’s a real Alladin’s cave of books, magazines and comics… and the couple who have bought the business are hard at work re-imagining the space to steadily transform it […]

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Life of Ethel Death by Cat Byrne in Splank Annual 2018

570-571 – Life of Ethel Death

I’m very excited to announce that this year my Death Girl will be making her first appearance in a printed comic, in 2 pages of Splank! Annual. I’ve named her Ethel, and without disclosing too much of the story before it gets printed, here’s a […]

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Little Women by Cat Byrne

568-569 – Little Women Book Cover

This commission came from a multi-talented friend, Sébastien Degorce, who has moved back to France and launched a publishing company. As a gift to his lovely wife Caroline he reprinted a very small run of the famous novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I […]