Kerry and English Bull Terrier commission by Cat Byrne

698 Kerry

Here’s a drawing of a lovely lady I know called Kerry, commissioned by her friend Helen (who is also lovely). Kerry loves English Bull Terriers. I drew this back in March, but I wanted to wait until Helen gifted the artwork to Kerry to post […]

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682 – Damn you

So I found out recently that my friend who ordered a print a few months ago never received it. A double shame seeing as I’d slipped in a sketchcard as a surprise (turns out I never posted it here either! I’ll never get to 1000 […]

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A Kawaii Octopus ink commission at THought Bubble 2018 by Cat Byrne

680-681 Sketch commissions at Though Bubble

Well Thought Bubble’s been and gone, and it was a stellar event as always. Having organised some small events before, I can really appreciate the monumental effort it must take to orchestrate all the hundreds of guests and exhibitors, volunteers, security and marquees. Very impressed […]

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The Incredible Hulk sketchcard by Cat Byrne

658-679 Mini Marvels sketchcards

What do you put into party bags for 10 year old boys? They’ve grown out of all the plastic tat and novelty erasers thankfully. Other than badges and sweets, I was stumped on thinking of something cool that wouldn’t cost a lot. Then I remembered… […]

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Pickle Rick and Mr Meeseeks ink drawings by Cat Byrne

655-657 Rick & Morty

Here’s a fun set that I was commissioned to draw, for a kid’s bedroom no less! All three in ink, on A4 bristol board. Fancy something for yourself or a loved one? See my commission prices here.

Buildings of Todmorden by Cat Byrne

649-654 Buildings of Todmorden

I’ve been commissioned again, this time by Todmorden Book Festival. They saw the mural I had drawn for Todmorden Library, and they asked if they could use the buildings for their promotion, as all of their major venues are included. With the Library’s permission of […]