Drawing 3 – It’s cold in space…

1000 drawings, Comic Art

… Even rocket lolly astronauts need to wear roll-neck jumpers.


Theme #2 of the French Inktober challenge: “ice cream”. This time I wanted to work with a dramatic composition and perspective, hence the ant’s eye view.

From my previous drawings, I wanted to draw on better quality paper (watercolour paper rather than tracing paper), and I used my new lightbox I bought off a lovely local children’s books illustrator who’s changing course in life.

Looking at this, I’d like to perfect my bolder lines a bit (the pen nibs I have just aren’t bold enough so have ordered a pentel brush pen). Also feel like my lines could be a bit more fluid like they are with my pencils. Lots of ideas for drawing no.4.

Later addition:

Wow. Painting with ink is a heck of a lot harder than I expected. Not quite what I had in mind… Back to the drawing board!


3 thoughts on “Drawing 3 – It’s cold in space…”

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  2. Aw thanks, it wasn’t at all what I had hoped for. I remember it feeling like a massive letdown at the time. I think I’m too hard on myself sometimes 🙂


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