Drawing 11 – Michelangelo Unmasked (sketch)

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, TMNT


Wow 2 in a day; you’d think I wasn’t a working parent living in a house torn apart by repairs.

Mikey here, the optimist, following on from drawings 9 & 10’s theme of Reptiles Unmasked.

Funny with him I didn’t really have a clear-cut direction. Happy, yes. Confident, even cocky, yes. But cute and adorable, meh… after all, he is a bad-ass ninja warrior.

At this point I must mention the un-instagramness look of my photos. I could go on about how this blog is about the drawings, and to not romanticize every picture with a 2-bit phone effect as if they were all taken at sunset at Big Sur in 1974… And how it’s refreshing to see the raw reality of someone’s surroundings, be it a dirty coffee mug, or a horrible histories magazine, or mountains of eraser scraps nearby… that it’s more revealing and personal. But really, it’s just because I’m not arsed.

Good night!


Here’s Mikey, finished. I’ve also done all the turtles in this style.


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