Drawings 12-17 – Ruth (Life Drawing)

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1000 drawings, life-drawing

I’m going to group them in one as they’re all in the same sitting…

Drawing 12 – Ruth 4


Lovely Ruth was model again.First drawing was pastel only. Found a set in a drawer i’ve apparently owned 15+ years but never used. Not as spreadable as chalk so kept that in mind for later.

Drawing 13 – Ruth 5


Had a few minutes to spare on that same pose so tried something else, with ink this time. Curves slightly exaggerated on purpose. Like a body caricature.

Drawing 14 – Ruth 6


This pose I used chalk for the washes of light & shade, and pastel for the accents.

Drawing 15 – Ruth 7


With spare time again, I redrew the same pose with ink. I’m trying progress my high-constrast skills. I like some aspects of this but by no means my proudest piece.

Drawing 16 – Ruth 8


Chalk and pastel again, 1 hour.

Drawing 17 – Ruth 9


Same pose, this time ink ink and stylised in a Bond girl fashion. I like this high contrast in this one, but still feel there’s a lot of room for improvement.

And I found out there’s a space opened up in the weekly session so am no longer on the waiting list. Happy days.


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