Drawings 19-21 – Ruth (Life drawing)

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1000 drawings, life-drawing

Drawing 19 – Ruth 10


Pencil and chalk.
Chalk is turning out to be my comfort zone, but I like warming up with it.

Drawing 20 – Ruth 11


Went a bit wey-hey with this one… “Chalk meets Bond Girl” treatment. You might not see it it clearly in the picture but I added some extra build lines as a finishing touch, with crayolas. This is what happens when I borrow my kid’s pencil case.

Drawing 21 – Ruth 12


My favourite of the evening. I’d been tackling Art Nouveau hair prior to this 1000-drawing challenge — Mucha in particular — and this is the first time I’ve tried it in life drawing.

This was a 45-minute pose, which was spent mostly on the hair. I ran out of time obviously, but I quite like the unfinished look so I’ll leave it.

My next challenge will be to experiment with washes of colour as well as ink. That’s definitely the style I want to progress.


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