Turtles Unmasked (finished digital version)

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, TMNT





Here they all are, in full digitally rendered glory.

I know I did say somewhere that I was going “analogue” or “unplugged” in this drawing challenge but the temptation to get back to my old ways was just too great!

In case you’ve not seen the sketch posts, my idea with this series was to show the turtles without their signature masks or weapons. This I tried to achieve by focusing on each of their personalities, namely in the eyes and the poses (ok so I cheated in the end with the predominant colours).

My personal take on their characters:

Donatello is the Thinker – I imagine he is the most likely to feel frustration and even melancholy about his situation… He is gifted with one of history’s most brilliant minds but he can never be recognised for it. He also has the finest features of the four.

Leo is the Strategist – perhaps visually the most influenced by the latest film, he is no nonsense, aware and in control.

Mikey is the Optimist – always there to lighten up any situation, no matter how sordid. I was tempted to make him cuter, but I kept reminding myself that he still cracks skulls on a routine basis.

Raph is the Deviant – hard as nails, and a thrill addict, living his life day to day and with nothing to lose. He’s valued by his brothers for his bravado and fidelity but if he were on his own — away from the reminders of keeping his impulses under control — he’d likely be a dangerous psychopath.


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