Drawings 24-27 – Lucy (watercolour life drawing)

1000 drawings, Life drawing

I got organised for tonight’s life drawing session, for once. Even got there early!
I wanted to break out of my comfort zone (chalk) and try my new (preloved) watercolour set.

All are 25 minute poses.

Drawing 24 – Lucy 1


As usual I start with mad colours. Actually I had no idea what I was doing. Other than dabbling about 12 years ago with a friend’s set, this was my first time with watercolour, properly.

Drawing 25 – Lucy 2


Thought I should get better at using a single colour before getting too rainbow happy. Happier with this one for sure.

Drawing 26 – Lucy 3


So then I tried just watercolour (without the ink pen). Still monochromatic, there’s work to be done there yet.
My favourite bit is the spine.

Drawing 27 – Lucy 4


Same treatment again, this time in green. The colour was much lighter than I expected so I didn’t get to get the contrast in that I wanted… But I like the subtle effect.

That’s it, you probably won’t see a chalk drawing from me again, this is totally what I want to progress.


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