High contrast linework study (TMNT)

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(my version on right)

I’m at the stage where I want to start getting comfortable with use of solid black shading… It’s a style I find so powerful and effective but every time I’ve dabbled it, it’s just looked crap.

Times like this I go copy professionals. So in this instance I chose this artwork from Zach Howard (linework) and Nelson Daniel (colours). I grayscaled it on the computer, bumped up the contrast, printed it and set to work.

Learnt in the process that it’s easier to get a nice result than I anticipated, and that actually it’s quite a forgiving technique. My previous failures had really been because I’d given up too soon. Of course it helps that I was copying a really awesome piece to begin with, but even so there was a point where it didn’t make sense and looked a mess. That’s where I’d previously abandon ship.

Found out after the fact there’s a version of Zach Howard’s line work online which I could have used instead, but I think the challenge of converting grey tones to black & white did me good.


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