Month: December 2014

#48-50 – Cat, Amelia and Liam

Drawing 48 – Cat Drawing 49 – Amelia Drawing 50 – Liam Also entitled “Liam plotting world domination” Ah, super long train journeys made longer by the ineptitude of National Rail. So while the #finsburypark fiasco was sending East Coast and London train travel into […]

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turtle old school xmas with casey by cat byrne

#43 – TMNT Old School Xmas

I made a christmas card. I don’t think my grandmas will like it. In case you missed out on late 80s skate metal, it’s the ninja turtles crossed over with the album cover of “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow” by Suicidal Tendencies. Here’s the original […]

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#40-42 Robin (life drawing)

Drawing 40 – Robin 1 Watercolour and ink on watercolour paper. 35 min pose. Drawing 41 – Robin 2 Watercolour and ink on bristol paper. 35 min pose. Drawing 42 – Robin 3 Watercolour, 35 min pose. Could have done with another 15 mins on […]

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#36-38 – Christina (life drawing)

Drawing 36 – Christina 1 Watercolour and ink, on watercolour paper, 1hr pose. Trying to improve my flesh tones, and introduce a subtle background. Drawing 37 – Christina 2 Exactly same treatment, time and palette except I wanted to know how bristol paper compared. It […]

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Nobodys Angels by Cat Byrne

#32 – Nobody’s Angels

Using my own artwork this time to experiment with high contrast shading. Even though I’d sussed in my last effort that my previous failures using this technique had been due to giving up too early, I *STILL* almost gave up on this one when it […]

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