29-31 Anita (watercolour life drawing)

1000 drawings, Life drawing


Drawing 29 – Anita 1
30 min pose.
Carrying on from last week’s watercolour in a single colour, here’s the first of three poses. I used a small brush with a fine point, which coped well with both washes, and fine details like the tattoos. I also tried building my lines with watercolour pencils so they’d blend in more. For a first drawing in the session, I’m pleased with it.


Drawing 30 – Anita 2
30 min pose.
I’d planned on progressing to two colours today; as in for the shading. But her two tone fringe was so lovely I used the second colour more like a graphical element instead. I went with black for the shading to make the red really pop. For the very dark bits I used black straight out of the tube.

I enjoyed painting her Public Image tattoo; she told me it had been her first one. 🙂


Drawing 31 – Anita 3
45 min pose.
Carrying on with the red/black duotone theme, except this time with a subtle third colour — turquoise build lines. I used these more prominently this time, laying them quite thick in the high contrast areas so they’d run together with the dark black bits. I also drew all her tattoos in turquoise.

So there was me a couple weeks ago ranting about instagramy photos. And now these are; that’s cause i’ve joined instagram. There you go.


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