mizzle comic 1 by cat byrne

#56 – Introducing Mizzle

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1000 drawings, Comic Art

mizzle comic 1 by cat byrne

Meet Mizzle, she’s my new friend whom I’ve been spending so much time with recently, and whom you’ll probably be seeing more of in future.

I figured before I venture into a 4-issue comic or graphic novel, I should practice panels, pace and those sorts of things.

And lettering by hand, which I’d never attempted to do properly, using a ruler, until today. Man… I love hand lettering in comics so much more than computer fonts. I wish more comics these days had the balls to use hand-lettering again; I know it looks less crisp and neat, but it’s so much warmer and more human. At the least the hand-drawn ones; I understand for those comics that are entirely produced digitally that would be counter-productive.

Anyway I still plan on making a printed comic or novel at some point though; there’s a lot of story and character development I’m working on that I won’t be posting at this stage.

But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy Mizzle as much as I do.


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