#58-60 Robin (life drawing)

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1000 drawings, Life drawing


#58 – Robin 4
Inspired by a book i’ve been reading, I wanted to try working with skin tones and the warm/cool effect. I need to keep reading.


#59 – Robin 5
Another thing I wanted to try out was painting watercolour without build lines; working up the drawing using blocks of colour and washes. As well as blending in the background with the low contrast areas.

But those of you who have read previous posts of mine may know that I’m new to this watercolour malarkey, and the style i’ve been developing has been more precise and meticulous. When it comes to washes and getting colours right, I have no idea what i’m doing.

I was hoping for a better result tonight, but following weeks of culinary excesses, a never-ending migraine, and me turning up late with frozen fingers, it just wasn’t to be.


#60 – Robin 6
…So I went back to my comfort zone; single colour and building up the shadows.

The one thing I did experiment a bit here was the focus; it’s a lot sharper around the face and shoulders.

Also the background… And the fact that the build lines are in charcoal pencil, which bled a bit and was interesting.

I have some ideas for next time. I think I just need to ease back into it.


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