An angel in LA original art by Cat Byrne

#61 – An Angel in LA

1000 drawings, Illustration

An Angel in LA - original watercolour art by Cat Byrne

Original art for sale on my website >

Determined not to let last night’s figure drawing disappointment get the best of me, today I’m practising all those things in the comfort of my own home.

Also I watched some youtube vids on building up warm and cool tones (harder to find than I thought!).

So here what I did differently is — built up the lines in a pink watercolour pencil… Blocked the blue shadows in first (which blended into a lovely purple with the pink)… Used a flat brush for the background (which I did at the same time as the shadows)… Built up the flesh tones in two goes over the shadows… THEN added the deep shadows and details.

I like this style; I’ll probably do some more like this.

Also I’m becoming comfortable with my mistakes and imperfections, which has been a revelation. I’m not a machine nor do I want to emulate one.


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