Christina 6 life drawing nude by Cat Byrne

#63-67 – Christina (life drawing)

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1000 drawings, Life drawing


#63 – Christina 4
Warmup piece on only part of the paper. I may use the rest with other monochromatic portraits in future.


#64 – Christina 5
Same pose/time, but wanted to practice warm/cool tones. Better than last Monday, but I ran out of time; I would have liked to have more dark bits in there to really make some parts pop out. And more unnecessary paint “noise” like drips and stuff.

Christina 6 life drawing female nude by Cat Byrne

#67 – Christina 6

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That’s more what I had in mind to do today; the extra half hour really helped.
Also there was beautiful natural light coming from the windows at either side. I’m starting to identify the warm light/cool light thing better now, I think.


#68 – Christina 7
Had some time to spare on that last pose, so I experimented with quick strokes on quite large paper. Here’s a mixture of 0.1 and 0.5 pens, as well as a Japanese brush pen.


#68 – Christina 8
Same again, but just the Japanese brush pen this time.

PS – Christina has a website, which I have posted in Links.


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