#68-69 – Steve (life drawing)

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1000 drawings, Life drawing


#68 – Steve 3
Ok technically this is 2 paintings but I wanted to try getting two on one page, to practice as I’ll be continuing this effect next week with my previous painting of Christina).

Plan tonight was to:
A. Find an area to focus on – bump up contrast and detail in that area, and leave the rest lower contrast and with rougher strokes.
B. Use the background as part of the design, so focus on its shape, and intensity in places.
C. Warm up with monochromatic tones at first, then introduce warm & cool tones in the longer, final pose.

So in the piece above, I’m happy with the result in terms of focus and composition (top-heavy on the left, and bottom heavy on the right).

Only real disappointment was that I didn’t correctly align his spine, in the painting on the right. I like the detail on the spine though.


#69 – Steve 4
40 minute pose. Steve’s body has such an amazing dynamic; here I wanted to focus on his abdomen.

I also loosely shaped the background as his shadow; I like this effect and may try that again some time.

I used the palette that I’ve had success with before in “An Angel in LA” but the pink is too light; it’s made the whole thing too pastel, which I dislike. Also not long enough a pose to get in more layers of dark contrast as I’d planned.

But I enjoyed the construction of it, and the result of the looser strokes such as the legs and the face.

Maybe I should stick to monochromatic paintings during life drawing, for the time being anyway, and leave the experimentation with multiple colours for when I’m working from a photo.

PS – Steve has a facebook page, which I have posted in Links.


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