#72-75 – Christina (life drawing)

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1000 drawings, life-drawing


Not a piece towards my 1000 drawings, but I warmed up with the blind drawing technique where you don’t look at the paper at all. Highly recommended, if you haven’t tried it, and great fun.


#72 – Christina 9
Ok here we go, a 20 minute pose in watercolour. Also a bit of a warm up.


#73 – Christina 10
25 minute pose in watercolour, mostly monochromatic.


#74 – Christina 11
Here I tried something new. In previous weeks, I’d liked my sketch lines and initial shadow blocking, more than the final result. I’d lost some of that raw detail, and had overworked things when trying to add more layers of colour.

So then I thought, why not lay the colour down in the build lines, using watercolour pencils, including those warm/cool tones I always seem to botch.

I think the palette needs work, but there’s definitely scope for something here, that will suit my style of drawing.


#75 – Christina 12
And to finish up with, a 2 minute drawing using a 0.5 pen and a brush pen, as per my previous session with Christina. I like this style a lot; it’s so much fun to do.

I don’t know if anyone ever reads all this. If so, I hope you are enjoying these.

PS – Christina has a website, which I have posted in Links.


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