#78-79 James (life drawing)

1000 drawings, Life drawing


78 – James 1
2 poses here: on the left 20 minutes, and on the right 30 minutes. Both in monochromatic watercolour on NOT paper.

James is such a pleasure to draw and paint, and he has such a beautiful face; I’m happy with the way I captured it on the longer pose:


79 – James 2


Motivated by my pencil portrait last night, I set out to try it in a live figure drawing setting.

A little like the process of inking high contrast work, I found it takes time to get the finished result going. There’s a good 25 minutes at least where I was quite worried it wasn’t going anywhere… And then I put in the darker shading and POW, it came together. Phwew!

Still with my HB cheapo mechanical pencil, and EB for the darker bits.

But I don’t think I’ll make it a habit to draw with pencil… I don’t notice when I draw, but when I stop, my eyes and hand are sore. How people specialize in this and stippling, I really don’t know. Much respect!!


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