#88 – Leslie 3

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1000 drawings, life-drawing


Why do I do this to myself?

Try as hard as I may to get a free flowing result where deep colours run into each other and magically make a masterpiece of watercolour prowess, it just never happens for me.

Either it comes out too pastel and washed out… Or it’s too bold, or not loose enough; like this one.

Still it’s a slight improvement on some previous full colour attempts. But thinking about it, I wonder if it’s a style I’d want to develop and retain, even if if I did ever master it. I respect artists who do, and the artistry involved. But I think my strongsy lies elsewhere.

A couple days ago someone asked me for some comic layout advice over on deviantart (which was very flattering). I mentioned that certain visual tricks are part of an artist’s tool set, and can be pulled out when necessary, to better communicate the idea you’re getting across.

I wish I had such a tool set in life drawing, that I would be comfortable and confident with. It’s hard, especially with watercolour, which is so unforgiving.


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