#96 – Lisa 6 (the ink ran away)

1000 drawings, Life drawing


30 minute pose, watercolour and ink.
You can now see a better scan of this on my website >

I had a bit of a breakthrough in this session; pulling in some inspiration both from the illustrative work I’ve been doing of late, and the drawing blind pieces from last week…

Some time ago, I’d come to realise that my work is stronger when I’m not emulating a machine; the imperfections give it more character.

And while I’d promised myself to mute the wacky colours because I was always unhappy with the result, I tried one more time even bolder than ever, and very loose… but then tying it all together with more precise, minimal linework, not caring if the lines didn’t match up with the colours.

I had sort of tried this before in my first session with Christina, but I had used a technical pen then. This time I picked up the courage to take my inkwell and pen nib out with me (I’m rather messy and somewhat clumsy). The lines are definitely more organic.

But the real revelation was this…

I’ve been belly dancing on and off for 13 years now, and the one valuable lesson I’ve learned from performing was that everyone messes up at some point, novices and professionals alike. What experience teaches is not how to avoid mistakes… It’s how to work with them.  Experienced dancers mess up and make it look like it’s part of the routine (how is the audience going to know anyway). Or if it’s a loose performance where your character is the center of focus, then laugh it off, or just run with it.

For example I saw once a duo perform a Baltic dance where they were both acting drunk as part of the act. One lady slipped (I knew it was a mistake because I’d seen them perform this choreo before). But fast thinking prevailed and she pulled it off by acting like she had fallen over drunk and staggered back up to her feet.

How is this even remotely tied in to this piece? Well when I started with the ink, the colour hadn’t dried. And silly me started with the face (lesson learned).

I thought I could maybe add more random ink splodges to balance it out. That might have worked.

But in the end I tried something new (to me anyway) and went with a typographical solution.

Someone out there might not notice that it wasn’t part of my choreography.


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