Lisa 7 life drawing by Cat Byrne

#97 – Lisa 7

1000 drawings, life-drawing

Lisa 7 life drawing female nude watercolour ink art by Cat Byrne

This piece available as a limited edition print >

45 minute pose, watercolour & ink…following the same style as in Lisa 6 (but with less facial fudge-ups).

One person in the group commented that this has a French quality to it, which I found amusing (I am French, but you wouldn’t guess it from talking with me).

Another said it has a touch of Toulouse-Lautrec’s quick sketches (that’s pushing it a bit far I think, but I thanked her for the immense compliment).

I prefer to think of this style as “Ralph Steadman and Ekaterina Koroleva had a child, who grew up to be not as good an artist as the parents”.

This piece available as a limited edition print >


3 thoughts on “#97 – Lisa 7”

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  2. Thanks Trevor! I’m enjoying painting in this style, though it doesn’t always relate to every model. I made another in this style this week, but I left it at the studio to dry. SO looking forward to posting it next week. Either that or I’ll take one look at it and hurl, cause we’re all fickle that way.


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