105 – Anita 5

1000 drawings, life-drawing


30 minute pose, watercolour & ink

All colour laid down with a flat brush, which I usually reserve for backgrounds. Not my best work, but I don’t dislike it.

Nothing worse than despising your own work! Like the life drawing from last week. Still makes me angry thinking about them.

Which brings me to the conclusion that it’s totally haphazard.

It doesn’t matter…
…if I’m prepared or not
…if I’m hungry or not
…if I’m rushed or not
…if I’m motivated or not
…if the slate is blank or not
…if I’m inspired or not
…if I’m confident or not…

Some days it flows, and others it doesn’t. There’s no way I can tell; I just have to try.

I then went on to make a piece I love love LOVE. But stupid sausage here left it to dry at the studio, without taking a picture first.

So look out for Anita 6 next week.


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