Month: April 2015

138 – Mycena Interrupta (study)

I’ve not made one of these in ages it seems. It’s part of my sketchbook where the left page is always in black & white, and the right page in colour… So as to practice both in the same sitting. Plus there’s something special about […]


133 – Luchadora Mizzle pop art

Don’t ask. I don’t know why either. I’d been designing a lucha libre mask for my next instalment of my webcomic Mizzle, and this happened. I knew from the onset this piece would have looked better in acrylics, or on the computer. But I’m really […]

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131 – Steve (life drawing)

2 hour pose,  watercolour & ink Well technically a little less than 2 hours. I wanted to experiment a bit more with it but I started to feel a migraine come on and I just couldn’t focus. Which is a shame because I would have […]


126 to 128 – Christina (life drawing)

126 – Christina 13 10 minutes, watercolour and ink. 127 – Christina 14 25 minutes, watercolour and ink. Seems whenever I have time off, I come back and do really wacky colours. No exception here. 128 – Christina 15 25 minutes, watercolour and ink. My […]


125 – Fungi (study)

Number 3 in my small studies sketchbook. It’s a close up of an unidentified Californian mushroom which features in my all-time favourite coffee table book, “Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi” by Taylor F. Lockwood – whom I had the pleasure to meet at a […]

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124 – Wyndham’s Oak tree

Second in my series of texture studies, here is Wyndham’s Oak in Dorset. I based it on a photo in a book I have called Heritage Trees of Britain & Northern Ireland. I picked this one specifically because of its landscape format and silhouette quality; […]

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123 – Bandana Raphael

Long time no ninja turtles. Here’s Raph, somewhat redesigned… I always did think the eyemask thing must be impractical, on so many levels. Watercolour & ink, 10×7″ You can now see a better scan of this over on my website >

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