121 – Rhododendron bush

1000 drawings, Contrast sketchbook, Illustration, Nature


It had to be done… I seceded from the family for a couple of hours.

So while my husband and son are off trying to spot Nessie, I’m sitting in this glorious garden of the B&B, catching up on some long overdue sun, and painting… well… whatever is in front of me.

There’s a lot to choose from honestly, flower garden, zillions of little birds, pheasants, wild baby rabbits…. But this modest rhododendron bush took my fancy.

I bought this square sketchbook in Glasgow the other day. My idea is to fill it up with texture studies; black ink on the left side, and colour on the right.

Here is a photo of this garden right now…


Normally I look out onto a ginnel, from our mid-terrace, in a mill town in northern England.

Batteries definitely charging πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “121 – Rhododendron bush”

    • Thank you!
      In reply to your question… Have you ever seen films set in northern england, with alleyways between rows of houses where people hand their washing? Those alleyways are called ginnels. Ours uaed to be nice but then people have been throwing their rubbish in it and not picking up after their dogs. 😦

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  1. Thank you!! Just got back from holidays, and the house is upside down! Feel a world away from making art but these things do change quickly πŸ™‚


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