133 – Luchadora Mizzle pop art

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1000 drawings, Comic Art


Don’t ask. I don’t know why either.

I’d been designing a lucha libre mask for my next instalment of my webcomic Mizzle, and this happened.

I knew from the onset this piece would have looked better in acrylics, or on the computer. But I’m really keen to start experimenting more with pure ink, so I thought the practice would do me good.

It reminded me of my third drawing when I started this challenge back in October, where I learned (but since forgot) that inks are hard, and don’t look very vibrant on bog standard watercolor paper.

More other inkwork I’ve done since:
#91 – I didn’t catch her name
#84 – Junglist Cat

But I do see some minor improvement since that time, namely in the black linework laid down with a brush.

Anyway, lots of ideas now; and I guess that’s the point of this exercise.


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