134 to 136 – Steve (life drawing in ink)

1000 drawings, Life drawing


Steve 6
This evening I only took two bottles of ink, a pen with nib, watercolour pencils and some brushes. No watercolor, no pencil. I want to get better at using pure ink!

This pose above was 20 minutes. On bristol board, which coped well. I wanted to warm up using a paper that didn’t absorb the colour, but also doesn’t cost too much.


Steve 7
Same again except a 30 minute pose, and use of black ink to bump the shadows up a bit. The bristol didn’t cope so well this time, as I put down a wash in the background before laying down the ink.

Also the purple is a lot more pink than i was expecting!


Steve 8
Again 30 minutes except this time on good quality watercolor paper. No warping and the black stayed nice and dark.

Working with only brushes on this one, I’m starting to understand a bit better how comic artists do their high-contrast shading.

I was in a bit of a state this evening. Some young men sprayed me with their soda as I was walking to the studio. I wasn’t hurt or anything but I saw red and just gave them sheer hell for what seemed like minutes. We parted ways with me kindly giving them advice on where they should store their bottled beverage. In choicer words.

They seemed sufficiently shocked by my volume and verbal repertoire, and stood bashfully like naughty little boys being yelled at by their mums.

Hey, I’m a mum. I’m not a shouty mum. I save the shouting for when it’s needed, for maximum effect (and with age appropriate language). But oh boy when I do need to shout…

In hindsight I probably would have handled it differently. But hopefully they’ll think twice about “easy targets” next time.

And a massive thank you to Tina at the studio for making me feel better when she saw i was visibly upset.

Steve has a facebook page, which I have posted in Links.


10 thoughts on “134 to 136 – Steve (life drawing in ink)”

    • Yes good for you. Recently I visited my mum in hospital and had parked one of my classic cars in the car park- two youths (mid teens) walked past it and emptied the rest of their coffees on the bonnet. i could do nothing from where I was. Hopefully they aren;t the only future of this country :O Steve

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      • Thanks Steve! It’s so frustrating. Times like this I just hope karma’s all that it’s cracked up to be. 🙂


  1. These are very characterful, great effects with the ink and I like how you’ve experimented with both pen and brush. I admit I’m envious of your life class… wish there was one near me!

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