1000 drawings by Cat Byrne 1 to 100

Drawings 1 to 100

1000 drawings, Journal

1000 drawings by Cat Byrne 1 to 100

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! In fact, 42 drawings ago 🙂

I started this challenge last October, so as to document the progression of my work, and see where my art takes me after 1000 drawings.

Here are pieces 1-100, in a “quick glance” format.

Update! Drawings 101-200 are here >


10 thoughts on “Drawings 1 to 100”

    • Watercolor life drawing a lot of fun… Even if it’s a little frustrating at times, you learn a lot. I highly recommend it 🙂


    • Thanks for the kind words!
      Well, with each piece, as with anyone drawing, there are little realisations and ideas. Often I include this in the writeup for each one, but that makes for tedious retrospective reading!!

      But what I can say I’ve learned overall so far — the biggy — is that I am not a computer, nor do I want to emulate one!… For my style anyway, I find that the pieces where I’ve used a looser, relaxed style are stronger than those where I aim for perfect rendering. It’s allowed me to develop more confidence in trying new things and not being overly hard on myself if the result isn’t “perfect”.

      And also that if I hit a “dry patch”, not to worry about it, just to draw whatever, and the inspiration will come back. 🙂

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