147 – The farm girl

1000 drawings, Illustration, People with clothes


When I do live figure drawing, I rely far too much on luck; either it turns out alright, or it’s a total flop. I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t draw enough. If I had more practice using ink and watercolor to draw people then maybe I could develop a more consistent style.

Anyway that’s the idea behind this piece (and perhaps a few more), just to practice people a bit more.

It’s taken from a book called “Gens de la terre” (people of the earth), that my sis gave me a while back, all of old photos of rural life in France.

The farm girl likely wasn’t a farmer, because of her attire and posture; a true farm girl in 1920s France wouldn’t have had short sleeves, sunday-best leather shoes, immaculate clothing, a pretty hairdo, nor earrings – at least not in the field. And probably wouldn’t have posed with a faraway look of reverie, holding an empty water jug.

So why the setup? Well this picture was actually published in a magazine called “Fermes et châteaux” (farms and castles). And as you can well imagine, romanticised country life for an affluent readership who likely had little experience of what farm life was really like.

Still, I like the fake farm girl. She looks utterly bored.


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