149 – Baby Tinder

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Inks for this episode of my free webcomic, Mizzle.

And here’s what it looks life, finished:

Baby Tinder mizzle comic by Cat Byrne

Now available as an art print! >

Mizzle is the runt of a litter of superhero cats. This series will be baby photos of all the four sisters.

First up, Tinder. She has the power of fireballing. Here, she is using her powers to light the candle on a cupcake for her 1st birthday.

Some errors in this one, you can see where i painted over, but that’ll be easy to correct in photoshop.

Tomorrow,  Cinders!!

Mizzle is a free webcomic out every wednesday. You can read all the issues for free in Mizzle’s website.


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