150 & 151 – Dave (life drawing)

1000 drawings, life-drawing


Dave 4
You know for so long I’ve been trying to find a good brush pen that doesn’t go floppy or dry out after 5 minutes. It occured to me the other day that maybe I should try using a brush.


Dave 5

I’ve been drawing my latest comic inks with a brush, and it’s hard. So I was nervous about trying it out at life drawing, but it just so happened tonight was meant to be…

It’s a massive revelation! I can fill areas and do really fine details without changing tools. And there’s a flow to it I can’t get with a technical pen, or even a pen nib.

When I started this challenge back in October, one of my big goals was to learn to do comic inks like a pro.

Not saying this is pro level by any stretch of the imagination, but man it feels good to get a glimpse at another level.

You want to see my first comic ink in this challenge? It was from last October, just under 6 months ago. You’ll see what I mean, and why I’m so happy tonight.


14 thoughts on “150 & 151 – Dave (life drawing)”

  1. These are great – full of life. What size were you working, and what size brush? I really like the results, the touches of colour work very well – I’d have been pleased too. Fab!

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      • It’s quite a deep black – the camera on my phone doesn’t do it justice. It’s the one with the spider in a top hat on the label. Lovely indeed.
        Oh and I compared my other brush sizes, it’s definitely a 6.

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      • Thanks so much for the info. That’s definitely the same ink as I already have. Do you save a brush specifically for ink? I don’t seem to be patient enough to get my brushes really clean once inked… 🙂

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      • Aye, that one brush i keep specifically for ink. I also have a flat brush reserved for ink that I’ve not used yet (10mm). I’m pretty sloppy when it comes to thorough cleaning!

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  2. Thanks so much Rebecca!
    The paper for both is 11×15″.
    The brush is a watercolour panache 6 (or 9? Can’t tell which way round it should read; got it at an art shop in Manchester, it was in their value range, I liked it cause it was pointy! And cheap 🙂


  3. Beautiful studies. The brush worked great. I love to draw with brush pens (preferably bristled brush pen) it adds more life to the line, not to mention the ability to create both hard and soft line qualities within the same stroke.

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