153 – Baby Snowball

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Inks for this episode of my webcomic, Mizzle.

And here’s what it looks like, finished:
Baby Snowball - Mizzle comic by Cat Byrne

Now available as an art print! >

So yes, third up in the series of superhero baby pictures is Snowball. She controls ice. Here’s what she looks like grown up.

This is artwork for my free webcomic Mizzle, which is out every Wednesday plus during the Origins story an extra edition on Thursday.

The story actually only follows Mizzle – she’s the runt of the litter.

The one out later today won’t have much handdrawn artwork, so I won’t be posting the inks for it here like I normally do…. Except for this little bonus drawing here of Mizzle :


You can catch up with all the webcomics to date on Mizzle’s website.


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