Month: June 2015

Not-so-teenage mutant turtle (WIP)

I’m at that stage where I need to push my work a bit further. So far I’ve mainly been making quick drawings and paintings, but not all that much in the way of planned, built-up artwork. I did a pencil comic art commission this week, […]

Anita 9 life drawing by Cat Byrne

166-168 Anita (life drawing)

Anita 9 20 minutes / pencil, watercolour & ink. Available as a limited edition print on my shop > I wasn’t planning on using ink, but Anita’s new dreadlocks in this pose wouldn’t have been done justice with watercolour alone. In the end it’s come […]


164-165 – Dave (life drawing)

Dave 6 I decided to hold back on using my usual, OTT colour scheme, until I can properly grasp the base tones. 2 poses here, both 20 minutes. Watercolour and pencil. Dave 7 Same treatment again, but with a bit more time (40 minutes). I’m […]


163 – Peonies

Realising that we’re only going to see my mother-in-law today, before she goes away for her birthday, I made this painting of peonies for her, late last night. It’s done in watercolour, using artists’ mask which I laid down with a brush. Yeah somehow I […]


160-162 Lesley (life drawing)

Wow, long time no figure drawing. You can probably tell by the results of today’s session… 160 – Lesley 9 As usual, first time back after a long time = mad colours. Not entirely pleased with it, but I hate it less than other return-to-drawing […]


158 – A forlorn Mizzle

A sweet little picture of my comic character Mizzle, which will be appearing in tomorrow’s episode. (UPDATE: You can now see the finished comic here). Mizzle is a free webcomic which is published on wordpress and other places. There’s also this piece of her superhero […]


Jam comic with the Scribblers

Yesterday marked the inaugural meeting of our local comic / zine group, the Calder Valley Scribblers. It was awesome! It pulled lots of comic-making creative people together… The grown ups talked about zines and comics, while the young ones drew some excellent comics together. They […]