157 – Badgers badgers badgers (includes process)

1000 drawings, Contrast sketchbook, Illustration, Nature

Anyone remember that song on b3ta? Badger badger badger… Snake!!!

Anyway, thought I might share the process this time.

Step 1: Light pencilwork to build the composition. I worked with google images on my phone throughout.


Step 2: More detailed pencilwork


Step 3: Ink on the left side (this is part of my sketchbook where the left side is always black, and the right side in colour). Sorry I should have taken more pictures during this step. It always annoys me when artists do that!


Step 4: Light and medium tones on right side. It appears I’ve accidentally deleted the photo with just the light tones.


Step 5: Dark tones in watercolour


Final step: Dark tones in black ink, to give it that extra depth


And there you have it. Badger furbabies.

What do you reckon, should I show the process more often?… Interesting or waste of bandwidth?


11 thoughts on “157 – Badgers badgers badgers (includes process)”

  1. Lovely result, I really like the contrast between the two pages, and the badgers definitely have ‘personality’. It’s great to hear how other people progress their pictures, there’s always a gem or two to note, so as far as I’m concerned, keep posting please!

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