160-162 Lesley (life drawing)

1000 drawings, life-drawing

Wow, long time no figure drawing. You can probably tell by the results of today’s session…


160 – Lesley 9

As usual, first time back after a long time = mad colours. Not entirely pleased with it, but I hate it less than other return-to-drawing pieces I’ve made in the past.
1hr, watercolour and ink.


161 – Lesley 10

Muted the colours down to monochromatic black, with just a hint of warm and cool tones. I liked my pencilwork a lot on this one but it got a bit lost by the end.
1hr pose, watercolour and ink.


162 – Lesley 11

… So I decided with this piece to leave the ink out entirely. It works with some models, but I’ve always struggled getting Lesley right… Lesley models very regally, and has a lovely warm glow about her that gets lost with too much – or not enough – colour.

So I opted for subtlety here, working with the same base colour for skin tones , just darkening with a tiny bit more warmth or cool with each layer. And the pencilwork (which I spent 30 minutes on) still comes through. I just touched it up a bit with a dark pencil at the very end.

1.5 hours, watercolour and pencil.

All in all, I’m really pleased with that last one.


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