163 – Peonies

1000 drawings, Illustration, Nature

Realising that we’re only going to see my mother-in-law today, before she goes away for her birthday, I made this painting of peonies for her, late last night.


It’s done in watercolour, using artists’ mask which I laid down with a brush.

Yeah somehow I don’t think grandma would appreciate ninja turtle fan art so much.



5 thoughts on “163 – Peonies”

  1. oh this is lovely. i havent seen artists mask used. how did i miss that one. i never really use watercolours though.. i want to learn more about them.. thanks for the tip. these are so lovely. what a nice present 🙂

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    • Ah thanks for the kind words. I did think of taking photos of the process but it was late at night, and I wasn’t too sure how it’d come out either as it was a first for me. Too many techniques, not enough time!!
      My only tip would be, so far, go easy on how many layers you apply, as the paint will build up and then flake when you take the mask off, which messes up the crispness of the white lines. For that reason, next time I’m using inks.

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      • i started youtubing it after i saw this. looks like a cool technique i must definitely give it a go. well it came out fab for a first go didnt it! hope im that lucky 😀

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