164-165 – Dave (life drawing)

1000 drawings, life-drawing


Dave 6
I decided to hold back on using my usual, OTT colour scheme, until I can properly grasp the base tones.
2 poses here, both 20 minutes.
Watercolour and pencil.


Dave 7
Same treatment again, but with a bit more time (40 minutes). I’m finding that a splash of bright colour can be more effective in small doses.

Essentially it’s the same as I’ve been doing previously except in a more controlled way. I’ll stick to this for a while and see where it takes me.


8 thoughts on “164-165 – Dave (life drawing)”

  1. Looking good. I like the how you collaged the first drawing. I always find it difficult to collage several sketches and keep the composition united. You make it look easy.

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  2. Hi Cat, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. (If you don’t feel like passing on the award, I won’t be offended at all). I really think your site deserves the attention!

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