Anita 9 life drawing by Cat Byrne

166-168 Anita (life drawing)

1000 drawings, life-drawing

Anita 9 watercolour and ink life drawing by Cat Byrne

Anita 9
20 minutes / pencil, watercolour & ink.
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I wasn’t planning on using ink, but Anita’s new dreadlocks in this pose wouldn’t have been done justice with watercolour alone. In the end it’s come out with a bit of a sumi-e feel about it, which wasn’t at all part of the plan (but I’m pretty happy with).


Anita 10
30 minutes / pencil, watercolour & ink

Same treatment again but set within a basic composition. I loved the way her leg arched out, so I really wanted to accentuate it. The solution I thought of was to set the rest within in a thin, vertical composition, with the leg protruding.


Anita 11
35 minutes / pencil, watercolour & ink.

I was a little stumped at first with this pose. From my vantage point at least, there wasn’t much to focus on. All I could see really was her back and her dreadlocks. So I tried to think… instead of painting what I saw in front of me, to paint what I felt from the pose.

From my perspective in any case, she looked very protective of herself, almost rolled into a ball. So – sparing you the artist bla bla – I put her in an egg.

I wanted it to be quite dark, so I didn’t use realistic flesh tones, but instead muted blues and greens. And a warm border to balance it out… which came out a bit brighter than I’d have liked (I was going more for a sepia feel).

Funny how a pose will look completely different depending on where you sit; those drawing her from the side got a completely different inspiration.


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