Not-so-teenage mutant turtle (WIP)

Comic Art, TMNT

I’m at that stage where I need to push my work a bit further. So far I’ve mainly been making quick drawings and paintings, but not all that much in the way of planned, built-up artwork.

I did a pencil comic art commission this week, which helped me realise that’s what I need to do… Have a vision of a finished piece, and build it up in stages.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I have a thing for ninja turtles. So of course, if I’m going to make any comic fan art for myself, naturally it’s going to be that.

So last night I sketched Raphael. I’ve been struggling with coming up with a redesign of him that makes him look actually reptilian, and I can call my own. The trick it seemed was building up bone structure and muscle groups, and then adding facial features on top of that.


Then today, using this drawing as a character reference, I went on to phase 2 – layout and pencils.


Now I wait for my new (used) tablet to arrive in the post, so I can start phase 3 – digital inks.

I have a really massive, but really ancient wacom tablet that’s served me well over the years, but a recent upgrade to windows 8 has made it obsolete.


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