Month: July 2015

187 – Big smelly dog

The third in my series of paper cutouts, here’s Mizzle looking mighty grumpy. She was having a bad day… Not helped by bumping into a very nosey big smelly dog. Mizzle is the free webcomic I draw. You can read it here on Mizzle’s wordpress, […]

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186 – Jellybeans!!

Following my previous piece where Mizzle enjoys a bit of our world as a paper cutout, here she is looking very excited. Because she found a bowl of jellybeans. Mizzle is the free webcomic I draw. You can read it here on Mizzle’s wordpress, or […]

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185 – Mizzle approves

And so begins one month of analog art – no access to life drawing, and no computer for digital colours. First inspiration has been to draw Mizzle on card, so I can take pictures of her with my camera phone, in front of other things. […]

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184 – Tasha 4

Concluding the 4 pieces on Tasha during the recent full-day life drawing session, here is a good old pencil drawing… just to calm things down a bit! Actually there’s a practical reason behind why I chose to use pencil (other than getting some practice in). […]

Tasha 3 life drawing by Cat Byrne

183 – Tasha 3

Available as a limited edition print on my shop > In the third pose with Tasha, I made the impromptu decision to focus only on her torso, and also to use a highly stylised approach. Tasha is such a lovely model, she makes it so […]

Tasha 2 life drawing by Cat Byrne

182 – Tasha 2

This piece is my new favourite; I’m so pleased with how it came out. Tasha posed so beautifully, and is so pretty, I was inspired in this pose to try my hand at an Art Nouveau-inspired piece (and in particular inspired by Alphonse Mucha). Available […]


New blog format!

So after several attempts with free wordpress themes, I decided to purchase a theme for my blog, that better highlights my content. My posts are 99% visual, so I wanted my blog to be a bit more like Instagram. I still intend to write the […]


181 – Tasha 1

You do know this blog is a record of ALL my drawings, right? Good and bad… So here’s one I contemplated not posting, because it’s a failed experiment. The drawing underneath was just watercolour and black ink. The pose was amazing but I didn’t do […]


180 – Hollow

Detail from this episode of my webcomic Mizzle, following last week’s episode where Mizzle received some shocking news. Read it here > Mizzle is a free webcomic published every week, about the non-adventures of the runt of a litter of superhero mutant cats.

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179 – Christina 18

Made last week but only picked it up from the studio today (had left it to dry). Pencils and watercolour, 40 minute pose. Here is a close up I’d put on my instagram last week (I’m @catbyrneart there) The colours are actually truer in this […]


176-178 Robin

Robin 10 Technically lots of Robins. Pencil and watercolour, 2 x 5 minutes (bottom), and 2 x 15 minutes (top). Robin 11 Pencil, watercolour & ink. 20 minute pose. I decided halfway through that I wasn’t going to ink details on the body; just the […]