Tablet test

171 – New graphics tablet!!

1000 drawings, Comic Art

My nearly-new graphics tablet has finally arrived! Naturally, I went straight to testing it out.

Opened a small 500 x 500px document just to test the pressure sensitivity with some scribbles… And 15 minutes later my scribbles looked like this.

Tablet test

I’m easily distracted.

Verdict? Well it’s not a Wacom. I used to have one, until recently when I started working with windows 8 and the poor old beast had to be put to pasture. Granted I did buy it used, 13 years ago.

This one here is a Ugee G3, and it’s a lot lighter and smaller. It fits on my lap which is nice. It seems to “space out” occasionally (don’t we all), and switching tools and back seems to do the trick. But in the end, for £35 nearly new, it is far more responsive to fine touches than my old Wacom, so it’ll suit me fine for the time being. Until I can afford a Cintiq, which would be aaaaaace.


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