Month: August 2015

192 – Mister JJJ

Still practising my high-contrast inks ahead of a comic project I’m working on with Mert Yeygün, here’s a portrait of Mert that I promised him a few weeks back. It came out more arty, and less comic-inky than I was aiming for, so I’ll be […]


191 – Iguana scales

Another piece from my contrast sketchbook — where the left page is in black & white, and the right in colour — here is a close up of iguana skin. I’m doing this to: 1. teach myself how to extract black values from what I […]


189 – Snapping Turtle Shell

Apparently I like a challenge. Here’s a closeup of a snapping turtle shell (based on a photo for National Geographic by Darlyne A. Murawski). This is part of my contrast sketchbook where the left page is in black ink, and the right page in watercolour, […]


188 – The Next Episode

Summertime and I’ve been spending time with my family, hence why I’ve not been posting much recently. Also I have been working on a super-cool, super-secret comics project, which I can’t yet reveal anything about. Except that it’s super-cool. But I did make this; it’s […]