189 – Snapping Turtle Shell

1000 drawings, Contrast sketchbook, Illustration, Nature, Textures

Apparently I like a challenge.


Here’s a closeup of a snapping turtle shell (based on a photo for National Geographic by Darlyne A. Murawski).

This is part of my contrast sketchbook where the left page is in black ink, and the right page in watercolour, so I can practice both.

I have loads of other amazing photos of turtles and reptiles I want to do this same treatment to, but as it’s taken me 3 weeks to do this one, I’m not so sure it’ll happen.

I’m on holiday visiting family, so there’s little opportunity to sit and focus on anything longer than 10 minutes.

Not complaining though. This is my view right now:




Somehow the kids are still fighting over a tablet, indoors. Time to shoo them outside.


Hope you’re all enjoying your summer.


4 thoughts on “189 – Snapping Turtle Shell”

    • Thanks! It’s a first try, I don’t think I’ve done nature quite enough justice.
      And yeah, it’s my aunt and uncle’s family home, it was built by hand by my uncle over 30 years. Much childhood spent here!


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