Month: September 2015

Feed me - detail - webcomic by Cat Byrne

212 – Feed me (detail)

I’ve published another episode for my free webcomic Mizzle. Here’s a taster, of one of the panels. You can read it for free, also on WordPress, here. (more links below) You can catch up with all the Mizzles for free, on the web. Best places […]

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Tiny art studio

My new art studio!

Just in time for the Inktober ink-drawing-a-day challenge, my new studio is finished! Did everything myself except the plastering and electrics… Even laid the carpet myself with scraps I had left over from another room. Yes I am feeling a tiny bit smug about it. […]


211 – Mizzle 38

Sorry for the repeated content, but I was sure I’d already reblogged this from my Mizzle Comic blog. Since it counts towards my 1000 drawings, I gotta add it. Again? (really confused now – where did it go?) As this was entirely done digitally, I […]

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Mizzle part 2 cover art by Cat Byrne

209 – Mizzle Part 2 cover art

I’ve taken a bit longer than expected to start my Mizzle webcomic again after the summer, but I’m glad I didn’t rush into it. So here’s the cover for part 2! Well I say cover — it’s more like a teaser. It’s a webcomic after […]

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208 – Leo

Can you believe it? Not that it’s Friday night and that I’m drawing turtles, again. No, that I’m drawing leo and not Raph. Anyway, here’s Leo standing far too close to a fire. Methinks he’s not read the health and safety report. Digital inks & […]

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Drawings 101-200

A fifth of the way to 1000! A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has given me support this far. You have no idea what it means to me — this time last year I wasn’t making any art… and I would never believed that […]


204-206 – James

Not had the pleasure of drawing James in a while. He has a fantastic mohawk, and such a gentle, beautiful face. James 3 I don’t usually post my warmup sketches anymore, but I like this one for some reason. 10 minute pose, water soluble crayons […]

Anita 12 by Cat Byrne

200-203 – Anita

There’s more! These are from last week. Anita 12 Watercolour, 25 minutes. This is by no means very good, but it’s a big step for me because it’s the first time I tried using watercolours more loosely than I usually do (probably more like how […]


197-199 Tasha

These are from a couple weeks back already, but I’ve been holding off posting them until I got a chance to scan them (instead of posting camera phone pics). Some time ago I bought a (used, and very old) Epson A3 scanner. Sure, I need […]

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