204-206 – James

1000 drawings, Life drawing

Not had the pleasure of drawing James in a while. He has a fantastic mohawk, and such a gentle, beautiful face.

James 3 life drawing by Cat Byrne

James 3
I don’t usually post my warmup sketches anymore, but I like this one for some reason.
10 minute pose, water soluble crayons (though I only just realised now that they’re water soluble).

James 4 pastel life drawing by Todmorden artist Cat Byrne

James 4
This one is my favourite of the evening. Had a massive clearout with my son of all the craft and magazine stuff he doesn’t want anymore, and lo, this oversized scrapbook with tinted pages made its way to the recycle/donate pile. **Swipe!**

I think this was 25 minutes, and done in pastels.

James 5 pastel and ink wash life drwaing by Cat Byrne

James 6
Come to think of it, this one may have been done before the one above. Ahh I can’t remember. I’ve already published James 4 on my Facebook page as such, so in this order it stays.

Went a bit wild here. First the paper came pre-splattered (as it belonged to my kid). Then I went at it with an ink pen, pastels, ink wash, and the more pastels. Hmm. “Interesting”.

Now there is another piece from this session but I’ve left it at the art studio as it was still wet. I’ll be posting it in future.


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