Tiny art studio

My new art studio!


Cat Byrne art studio 1

Cat Byrne art studio 2

Just in time for the Inktober ink-drawing-a-day challenge, my new studio is finished! Did everything myself except the plastering and electrics… Even laid the carpet myself with scraps I had left over from another room. Yes I am feeling a tiny bit smug about it.

This room used to be the tiniest bathroom in the world, halfway up a set of stairs. it’s now the tiniest art studio in the world. But it’s mine. ALL MINE.

Artworks on the wall:
Top left picture: My “Mizzledala” for mizzle-comic​ & TMNT by Mike McGee at Big Foot Studios
Middle picture: “Mizzle and Raph” I commissioned the most excellent rouvere to make for me, and also my Bandana Raph.
Bottom picture: Fan art for my mizzle-comic​ by aikennekia


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