Month: October 2015

Mizzle by Cat Byrne - Inktober

257 – Mizzle (Inktober 29)

2 in 1! Running out of days in October… I wanted to do at least one of Mizzle (the protagonist from my webcomic), and also one for my junglist friend Taz, whose cat ate through his headphone cable to get his attention. Read all the […]

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Inktober 17 - Kylo ren by cat byrne

255 – Kylo Ren

A redo of my Inktober number 17! I wasn’t happy with it as it had just been an elaborate doodle on the back of a Wetherspoons’ kids menu — which the waitress thought was of a badger. Big rush to the Inktober finale now! You […]

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Ola 1-4 figure drawing by Cat Byrne

253 – Ola

Those who follow my blog will recognise one of these drawings from my Inktober challenge this past week. I made 5 small drawings of Ola that evening, on A5 size paper (or thereabouts), and in the same style. I was going to add them separately, […]

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Christina 21 life drawing by Cat Byrne in Todmorden

252 – Christina 21

Here is another piece I have forgotten to add! It’s also from back in September. 35 minute pose, in Neocolor 2 watercolour crayons, and pen & ink. You can find a link to Christina’s website on my Links page.

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James 10 life drawing by Cat Byrne

251 – James 10

I’m really happy with how the blog looks, now that I scan my work before posting it. But the problem now is, I keep finding work that I’ve forgotten to scan! Here is one I should have posted back in September. Oops! I’m guessing this […]

Inktober 27 faces by Cat Byrne

250 – Faces (Inktober 27)

A quarter of the way there!!?? Can you believe it’s been a year, to the day exactly, that I started this art challenge? I can’t. As as fate would have it, do you know what I’m going to be doing today? I’m ordering my first […]

Ola 1 life drawing by Cat Byrne in Todmorden

249 – Ola 1 (Inktober 26)

Inktober 26 – Saved my Monday inktober piece for life drawing, seeing as I’ve have all the tools out anyway! I’ve decided to try working smaller – especially for the shorter poses. It’s working quite well I think; here is a 10 minute pose, and […]

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Rat Boy by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2015

248 – Rat Boy

Inktober 25: Rat-Boy A6, Entirely in ink except for the stars which are in gouache, thrown in with a toothbrush. Fan art of The Troubles of Magnet Boy and Other Gloomy Tales, written by Tom Burleigh and illustrated by Kay Dawson, from which: Rat-Boy wasn’t […]