Jackdaw by Cat Byrne - Inktober 2015

247 – Jackdaw

1000 drawings, Illustration, Inktober 2015, Nature

A quick drawing of a jackdaw, as my 24th Inktober piece.

I love jackdaws; they bring me joy everyday… My computer is right below a velux window and the little scamps hop around the roof, and gaze out at the world below; the wind rustling their soft neck feathers.

Every morning I also leave food on the window sill on the street outside and as soon as I close the door, a dozen swoop down at once. It’s really a sight to behold.

Jackdaw by Cat Byrne

I’ve been thinking of starting some series, so that I can have several collections to exhibit (as opposed to my usual hodge podge). Jackdaws. Yes.

You can see all my inktober pieces together on this blog post.
Many are for sale on my facebook page.


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