Rat Boy by Cat Byrne for Inktober 2015

248 – Rat Boy

1000 drawings, Comic Art, Inktober 2015

Inktober 25: Rat-Boy
A6, Entirely in ink except for the stars which are in gouache, thrown in with a toothbrush.

Rat Boy by Cat Byrne

Fan art of The Troubles of Magnet Boy and Other Gloomy Tales, written by Tom Burleigh and illustrated by Kay Dawson, from which:

Rat-Boy wasn’t really
a hero at all,
and he certainly wasn’t a boy!
In fact she was simply a rat I dressed up,
and played with like she was a toy.

I somewhat suspect
that she took them to heart,
those playtime delusions of mine,
for I’ve seen her flying
at night through the skies,
no doubt on his way to fight crime.

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Also soon coming out as an e-book!

You can see all my inktober pieces together on this blog post.
Many are for sale on my facebook page.


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