Ola 1-4 figure drawing by Cat Byrne

253 – Ola

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1000 drawings, life-drawing

Those who follow my blog will recognise one of these drawings from my Inktober challenge this past week.

I made 5 small drawings of Ola that evening, on A5 size paper (or thereabouts), and in the same style.

I was going to add them separately, but I scanned them together, and kinda liked the way they looked as one.
So here are Ola 1-4, as one piece. The fifth one is still drying at the art studio.

Ola 1-4 figure drawing by Cat Byrne

Ola 4 – 20 mins?
Ola 3 – 20 mins?
Ola 1 – 10 mins. Definitely 10 minutes.
Ola 2 – 10 mins?

I seriously need to start writing these things down. It was only two nights ago and I’ve already forgotten how long the poses were.

But the good thing about not having a good memory is that I have no idea what that last piece looks like. It’ll be a surprise next week when I go there again. Hopefully a good one.


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