TMNT trick or treat by Cat byrne

259 – TRICK OR TREAT!! (Inktober 31)

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, Inktober 2015, TMNT

You know the boys would!

Had a lot of fun thinking about the costumes based on each turtle’s personalities, making sure they’d have been relevant in the 80s.

Raph is Jason from Friday the 13th, Mikey is the Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, Donnie is a Dalek from Doctor Who, and Leo is the Shredder!

Yes, I am totally overthinking this.

TMNT trick or treat halloween by Cat Byrne

Original for sale on my shop >

And with that concludes my Inktober 2015 adventures!

Thank you to everyone for the likes, comments and inspiration. I’d going to have a rest now.

You can see all my inktober pieces together on this blog post.
Many are for sale on my facebook page.


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