eeevil raph cropped version by Cat Byrne

260 – Eeevil Raph

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1000 drawings, Comic Art, TMNT

I’d been so wanting to get this out for Halloween, and I’ve missed it by an hour. Ah well, it’s still Halloween somewhere in the world.

So this is a piece I’ve been working on for a couple of months. I have a lots of process pics, so I guess I’ll post them!

Step 1 – Initial sketch
Step 1 - pencil sketch by Cat Byrne

Step 2 – Digital inks
step 2 digital inks by Cat Byrne

Step 3 – Inital colours
In this step I did the flames, and some really crazy colours.
ste 3 initial colours by Cat Byrne

Step 4 – Final
I didn’t like those colours above at all, it turns out. Nor his jaw.
So I toned down the colours, gave him a different face, and made the shadows less sharp.
Ta da! One eeevil Raph >>
Eeevil Raph by Cat Byrne TMNT


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